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At Haivenu, above all other considerations, we never forget that it is you who is having the holiday and want you to enjoy your travel with us to the full. It is not our aim simply to sell you something in the hope you might enjoy it, but rather to dedicate ourselves to understanding your real goals.

After all, only you and your travelling companions truly know what most drives your holiday aspirations and our vocation is to provide useful and informed advice and to assist you by enabling the fulfilment of your travel desires, whatever your spectrum of interests.

To this end, we offer a range of enquiry tools to suit the varied needs of novice and experienced travellers, from a simple, straightforward request all the way through to fully editable, highly detailed self-designed frameworks.

The various methods of initiating a travel request are detailed below

In all cases, you can be assured of a comprehensive response within 24 hours, and will be provided with the dedicated services of one of our highly experienced tour designers, who will work with you to fully realise your travel ambitions and place their expert local knowledge and information resources continually at your disposal. Should you decide to book, they will also personally ensure the implementation of your travel plan, and, should you at any time need assistance, remain available to you throughout your trip.

Write a letter

If you quickly and simply want to tell us in your own words where you would like to go, and what you wish to see and do, you can send us an e-letter, as long or short as you like, using our letter page available through the link below.

Choose a tour template

In addition to using our Quick tour search toolbar above, you will find a range of priced template tours across this website at the foot of each country, destination and activity page, which you can send to us using the REQUEST THIS TOUR tab, which is prominently attatched to each of our tour description pages. A comprehensive collection of tours is also available via the sidebar menu TOURS tab for each country.

When this tab is pressed a new page will open with a copy of the tour and a section where you can request personalised alterations to the existing format of the tour and ask any questions you may have.

Edit a tour template

If you prefer to get more involved in the creation of your tour, as an alternative to simply sending the tour as a request, you can instead use the EDIT THIS TOUR IN THE WISHLIST tab, where you will find an editable copy of the tour together with a useful range of intuitive editing tools..

Here, you can extensively modify the preset itinerary by deleting unwanted sections, add comments, questions or request alternatives for individual days, and even add new, wholly customisable days. You can also attach additional tours or items from other sources within this website, using the drag and drop ‘add to wishlist’ feature as described below in the ‘Create your own itinerary’ section.

As an alternative to submitting your modified request immediately, you also have the option to save your changes in a website user account, useful if you want to continue refining your tour ideas over time.

You can store up to three separate wishlists, allowing you to play around with different variants or even entirely different tours, before choosing which to send us for a quotation.

This can be particularly helpful if you are travelling with companions who live outside your immediate locality, with whom you can share your log in details, enabling them to store alternative suggestions along with your own for comparison and discussion, using the built in message board.

Create your own itinerary

All across our website, you will find our drag and drop ‘add to wishlist’ icon, next to specific destinations, activities and alongside the individual days of our tours, enabling you to create a unique compilation of individual elements gathered from a range of sources, even from different countries.

This feature affords a host of alternate possibilities for the creation of a travel idea from a simple ensemble of destinations through to the highly detailed and finely nuanced requests of the discerning traveller.

Wherever you see this symbol, you can drag and drop the icon into the wishlist pop-up window which will automatically appear when this symbol is tapped or clicked. When you have dropped your entry to the desired location in the wishlist, close the pop-up window to continue browsing.

You can always access the full version of the wishlist page, and its comprehensive editing tools, via the Wishlist tab which can be found at the top right corner of all the pages on this website, where you can review and reshape each element of your selections, and request refinements of even the infinitesimal minutiae of each day’s activities.

The ability to add customisable free days is particularly useful for adding any activities or locations not covered by our template tours, adding free leisure days, transfer days or extra days at a particular destination.

Naturally, when compiling an itinerary from different sources, there is the potential for continuity problems to arise, but assuming a fairly sound understanding of the relative geography between your selections, these are easily avoided.

However, you really needn’t worry overly about the practicalities. Once you have submitted your travel plans, your ever helpful tour designer will carefully cast his or her expert eye over your proposal and help with suggestions to smooth out any potential anomalies.

With travel bans and lockdowns affecting global travel opportunities, it is heartening to see that many nations are now getting on top of the outbreak.
When all this terrible loss and heartache is finally over, we shall certainly need a holiday! However with so mụch uncertainly over when and how restrictions will be eased, it may seem impossible to lay any plans to cure the frustration of housebound travel dreaming...
This web site has a wealth of features to research and plan your next Asian holiday journey in the finest detail, which together with the help of our knowledgeable experts, will be ready to go whenever you are, and all with the assurance of penalty free rescheduling over the next two years.