With Haivenu, for that once in a lifetime celebration holiday, you are freely empowered to choose and combine all the elements that embody your recipe for happiness into the perfect romantic holiday.

Whether you wish to celebrate in one, or multiple destinations, in one country or more, we can advise on, and develop with you the excursion or relaxation potentials of each location, fine-tuning all your preferences into one smooth and inclusive itinerary that will give your special occasion the meaning and depth in which only you can share.

Whatever you choose, we can also add any secret surprise elements for your beloved and all those little touches like champagne, flowers, or private candlelit dinners at a secluded beach that will enhance the romance of your time together during your holiday, with memories that will linger fondly into your future together.

Southeast Asia is blessed with an abundance of the world’s best beaches, many nestled on glittering coral island jewels. Whether you fancy dipping your romantic toes in the tranquil waters of a humble hideaway beach villa or rinsing the sand from your feet with a bottle of Champagne at an exclusive unashamedly luxury resort, we can fulfil all your aspirations.

Cruise over the shimmering moonlit waters and gaze at the evocative and otherworldly islands of Ha Long bay in Vietnam, or Phang Nha bay in Thailand, spending a day on a private beach, just the two of you.

Or perhaps enjoy the deep bonding experience of a wild adventure in the jungle, kayaking and trekking amongst the animals and plant life. Take your choice of the worlds most thrilling nature reserves and outdoor spaces.

Laugh and splash your way around Thailand’s Golden Triangle astride an elephant, with a luxury stay at Anantara Resort.

Ride in a classic car around one of the region’s great capitals for a charming city tour.

Board the Eastern Oriental Express for the opulence and magnificence of the golden age of rail travel, between Chiang Mai and Singapore, rubbing shoulders with history in the famous Raffles hotel, enjoying its famous ‘Singapore Sling’.

Pamper your loved one with the most revered and ancient therapies the world has to offer. A great many resorts in South-east Asia specialise in a highly sophisticated choice of the healing arts in luxurious and peacefully serene surroundings.

Enjoy the cultural flavour of an ethnic tryst, dressed in traditional village costume and have your ceremony in an old community house or temple, welcomed, garlanded and applauded by the village people.

We always welcome and encourage innovative holiday ideas, and will be pleased to arrange any special requests or activities to include within your holiday.