With so much to see in Southeast Asia, it is no surprise that for many of our clients the journey, especially if it is likely to be a ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, often desire a deeper encounter with the region, visiting their choice of the most personally desired locations and experiences within several countries as part of an overall holiday itinerary.

In a simple example, visitors to northern Thailand or Vietnam will often not pass up the chance to visit the vast and wonderful ruins at Angkor in neighbouring Cambodia, or explore the forests of Laos while in the vicinity. For others, a more ambitious itinerary covering several countries, experiencing the special and unique characters of each, is the goal.

With the notable exceptions of mainland China and Bhutan, for the majority international travellers, travel between the various nations of Southeast Asia is easily accomplished, with visas (depending on your nationality) in many cases not required at all or readily available on arrival, allowing easy travel between the different nations. Even where this is less the case, there are no intrinsic difficulties with making any itinerary achievable.

On this page, you will find several samples of multi-country tours, based upon the most common requests we receive, but as with all our tours these can be quickly adapted to give expression to your personal preferences, including, discarding or adding any other countries or destinations as best suits your personality.

Of course, and as always, if you cannot find a template that has the potential to act as an anchor for your travel ideas, simply contact us through the enquiry page to request a uniquely customised itinerary from scratch.