Holidaying with children is a great joy for parents and their offspring alike, especially when we can take the logistical legwork out of the equation, leaving you free to enjoy your time together to the full and derive the most benefit from your travels.

With children studying hard at school, a holiday will always primarily be a welcome break from the intensity of formal learning, yet, unlike conventional package holidays, the freedom of our customised holiday model affords the possibility of a holiday not only suffused with fun and shared joy, but also the opportunity to invisibly enhance their education through the subtle enrichment of intelligence that evolves from exploring novel cultures and startlingly different scenic perspectives, awakening unfamiliar empathic responses and new understandings, of truly inestimable value for bright young futures.

Children’s continual adaptation to the world around them is as varied as the world itself…some will thrive on the cultural ingestion of the fascinating ancient architectural legacy to be found over much of Southeast Asia, as well as its breathtakingly unusual landscapes and shimmering intensity of colour, or perhaps be innately keen to explore their natural surroundings in a physical way and will enjoy testing their sense of adventure by trying out snorkelling, zip-lining and other developed forms of play among the region’s bewilderingly beautiful backdrops.

Kids love to share virtually everything online nowadays and the scenery of this part of the world will happily encourage them to develop their camera skills for the benefit of their friends back home and also provide endless valuable source material for any school project.

Above all other considerations, the depth of experience in discovering these fascinating cultural and natural vistas will surely create a profound wellspring of rich family memories to carry into the wider world.