Our classic tours do pretty much what you’d expect the name implies, visiting the most prominent, famous and cherished cultural destinations and most beautiful natural features of any of the countries within our area of expertise. 

For this reason, our classic tours are aimed principally at first time visitors, with the purpose of introducing the most iconic landmarks and cultural features that give the country or countries visited their defining characteristics. If you have visited before, an exploration of our special interest tours may assist you in deepening the experience your future travel.

Of course, as our tours are tailor-made to the interests, time scale and other preferences of our clients, it is commonplace for those travelling with us to adapt these tours to refine the basic chosen pattern to better suit their individual aspirations.

Our classic tour template structures are governed by maximising the feasible destinations and features able to be comfortably visited within a range of different suggested time-windows, and many of our clients will choose a destination and duration combination of interest as an initial starting point, and discuss with us how to best focus upon their interests, until the eventual tour shape harmonises with their personality.

However no tour duration limits actually apply to these prototype tours, and our customers are welcome to freely extend or reduce a given format to any duration that suits. Likewise, all activities and destinations within the basic framework can be added, adapted or discarded to suit your needs.

Common reductions might take the form of taking the best elements of a longer tour than your available holiday time and discarding features of less interest, while common additions might include extra time for relaxation at a beach location or a spell of activity, for example, or to include extra days taking in the sights of a neighbouring country.

Another addition might be to take advantage of a stopover at one of the region’s airport hubs such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Singapore or Beijing.

Whether choosing our classic tours or special interest selections, or an individually inspired combination of both, our highly experienced staff have an intimate understanding of the nuances and complexities of travel 'on the ground', and will be very pleased to share their invaluable practical knowledge with you to help reach an achievable and fulfilling travel plan.

The same principles also apply to multi-country tours, whereby you can freely combine your favourite features from any of our destinations into a smooth unified holiday and tailor the time frame to suit your desired holiday duration.