The thrill of seeing unusual birds and their unfamiliar and often exotic plumages flitting through the enchanting topographic sights found everywhere in the Southeast Asian region is enough to draw any serious birder to these splendorous lands, but the additional benefits of imbibing the world’s most fascinating cultures, stunning vistas and breathtaking forests, mountains, lakes, waterfalls and beaches are sure to magnify the enthusiasm of spotting the remarkable diversity of feathered evolution found here.

With many rare and endemic species upon which to focus your lenses, the variety of birds in the region is vast, hosting a wonderful array of opportunities to witness new sightings.

The great wetland areas of the Mekong and Ayeyarwady Rivers, covering Myanmar, Cambodia and Vietnam provide ample opportunities for spotting many of Asia’s rarest water birds, while the forests and National Parks Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and the biologically unique Philippines host a bewildering array of species, many of which sport incredibly bright plumages.

The high altitudes wildernesses of Northern Myanmar, South-eastern China (including the Tibetan Plateau) and lovely Bhutan are also havens for a rich variety of beautiful bird species in stunning landscapes.

Across the equator, little Bali is home to the famous Bali Starling, also known as the Bali Myna, a real star of the birding world, which shares the island with many other interesting birds.

Our birding tours provide the company of local avian experts, familiar with the terrain, who can guide you to the best viewing spots. Within each of our country pages, the birding tour section provides more detail of the particular species you are likely to find within each destination.