Luxury travel is a concept everyone universally understands, but the perceived definition of the word is, as they say, in the eye of the beholder, and to any given individual or group is often a matter of relative experience and, consequently, expectation.

For some, a luxury holiday is a 'once in a lifetime' sojourn to an exotic dream destination with opulent hotels or villas endowed with high class facilities which provide for the stylish satisfaction of all creature comforts during their vacation, accompanied by smooth and trouble free comfortable private transfers between destinations.

For those habituated to great wealth, VIP and security services, private jets, helicopters, supercars and yachts, exclusive islands, elegant presidential suites or sumptuous private residences supported by the services of a personal butler, superlative private chefs preparing made to order cuisine, and immaculate but discrete service staff are the order of the day.

At Haivenu, we cater to the entire spectrum of luxury travel, and have considerable experience in fulfilling even the most exacting expectations of discerning luxury clients.

For this reason, when initiating an enquiry with us for a luxury holiday it is most helpful to define precisely the sophistication of your travel aspirations, to enable us to develop your initial draft itinerary with the proper degree of refinement.

Within the countries and destinations featured in these pages, there are some truly wonderful choices for remarkable experiences, and the entire region has a host of superb world class resorts with exemplary facilities from which to base your explorations.

As a specialist personal travel company, our focus is not only to provide the desired structural elements of your holiday or business travel, but to ensure thoughtful discreet personalised service and attentive adaptation during your travel with us.

Our measure of success is defined foremost by the satisfaction of your entire experience, with highly detailed arrangements appearing to unfold naturally, as if happening by themselves, in a seamless streamlined motion within the whole, leaving you free to relax and fulfil your personal holiday inclinations without hindrance, worry or effort.

Whilst every client on a Haivenu holiday will experience this philosophic approach, and fully private integrated travel arrangements throughout the duration of tours is a fundamental and defining provision of all travel with us, for luxury clients, we can offer personalised meet and greet services at your aircraft, expedited visa transit, luggage assistance and a wide choice of onward travel, including a range of private aircraft transfers, speedboats and yachts, together with a wide variety of chauffeured vehicle transfer, including classic cars, vintage motors and luxury limousines.

Aside from staying at some of the world’s finest hotels and most exclusive resorts, there are numerous possibilities for luxury experiences available within the region with which to enhance your travel, such as elegant private dining in spectacular locations, luxury spas, private cruises, privileged access to premier golf clubs, exclusive nightclubs and restaurants.

Whatever your definition of luxury travel, above all, our raison d’être is to imaginatively respond to your wishes and preferences and we will always welcome your own unique perspective and ideas, however novel, on what will perfect your holiday and help you to realise and effectuate your dream in true style.