We believe cycling is a great and healthy way to explore a culture, landscape and especially its people, all of which are experienced in a very different and much more immediate way than in enclosed and speedier modes of transport, and leaving open the potentials of a whole range of surprising and life-enhancing encounters.

Of course, with our unique flexibility we are always able to fit a little cycling, suitable to any level, within any of our tours and almost anywhere, which can greatly deepen your experience of any given destination, and will be glad to arrange any two-wheeled exploration for you.

There are many opportunities to use a bicycle to enhance your sightseeing, such as visiting the temples of Angkor or Bagan, or Lake Inle in Myanmar, exploring the Hutongs of Beijing or the walls of Xian in China, enjoying the villages encircling Hanoi, Hue and Hoi An in Vietnam, discovering the artisan villages of Bali or moving through the tea plantations and gardens of the Cameron Highlands in Malaysia just a few of virtually infinite possibilities to consider.

Aside from such leisurely examples of the sightseeing use of cycles, many of the tours represented here are designed for those who like to do some serious mileage and aren’t afraid of a few strenuous uphill challenges. Not all destinations are featured in our pre-configured tours, and you are welcome to dream up your own challenges.

In some cases, our cycling tours travel in very remote areas with little in the way of modern accoutrements, experiencing rugged environments and friendly ethnic communities with which you will sometimes stay. While this is always a highly enriching experience for our visitors, these experiences are not best suited to those accustomed only to en-suite facilities.

Wherever you cycle, you’ll have a guide to show the way and help you make the most of local encounters. For longer journeys and more challenging routes, a support vehicle is always nearby if it all gets too much.

With a whole host of experiences just waiting to be fulfilled throughout Southeast Asia, from the very easy to the very challenging, if you are a keen cyclist, there is so much to enjoy and explore along the way with your pedalling passion.