Over the years, we have helped a great many visitors to the Southeast Asian region to get the most from their travel ideas, and in almost all cases our clients are wholly satisfied with the choices they have made, and we are pleased to be the focus of very positive feedback on their experiences.

However, imagining a journey through a far flung land, even with all the invaluable information and advice we offer in assistance, is often very different from the actuality, and some of our clients in retrospect, although having thoroughly enjoyed their holiday, inevitably occasionally wish they had done things slightly differently, the most common occurrence of which is that of finding themselves more surprisingly captivated by some destinations than they had anticipated and wishing they had spent a little longer in such locations.

This kind of feedback is naturally crucial to us as a tour operator, and we carefully sift through such comments, whilst obviously appreciating that everyone is different, when called upon to offer advice.

By contrast, it is also often true that many clients express an overwhelming enthusiasm and pure contentment for everything they did and everywhere they went, and here, unlike in our general tour templates, we present their finalised individually tailored itineraries, reflecting actual holidays as experienced by real travellers, together with their post-travel comments, as examples of tours which those involved found exceptionally rewarding.

Of course, everyone’s sense of ‘perfection’ can be a uniquely subjective perspective at a given point on life’s journey, and coloured by the scope of their previous experiences, (as well as external variables such as weather!) but with that in mind, we offer these examples of particularly successful tour designs as alternative starting point to our regular customisable templates.