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The following are a series of articles relating to news, articles of interest and real life experiences from the southeast Asian region, which provide useful background information to those who wish to deliver further into the various countries featured in this website and get a feel for the realities of life both for those who make their living inthe region and the observations of travellers who visit
With travel bans and lockdowns affecting global travel opportunities, it is heartening to see that many nations are now getting on top of the outbreak.
When all this terrible loss and heartache is finally over, we shall certainly need a holiday! However with so mụch uncertainly over when and how restrictions will be eased, it may seem impossible to lay any plans to cure the frustration of housebound travel dreaming...
This web site has a wealth of features to research and plan your next Asian holiday journey in the finest detail, which together with the help of our knowledgeable experts, will be ready to go whenever you are, and all with the assurance of penalty free rescheduling over the next two years.