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Cambodia Heritage and Beach 8 Days


Day 1:
Arriving at Siem Reap Airport, you will be met and driven to your hotel for check-in, with time to settle in before visiting the major sights of the once vast and awesome city of Angkor, in its time the largest and most civilised city on Earth, starting with its Angkor Thom, the Bayon, its enigmatic stone faces staring into the jungle, the Elephant and Leper Terraces, Baphoun Temple and, mightiest of all, the glorious Angkor Wat. A sunset view from the summit of Phnom Bakheng overlooking the remarkable sight brings the day to a fulfilling close.

Day 2:
Today, you’ll explore the deeper recesses of the amazing UNESCO World Heritage archaeological site, visiting Preah Khan, Neak Pean, East Mebon, and the evocatively entangled Ta Phrom, so spectacularly used to enhance the sense of ancient mystery in the film Tomb Raider. Later you’ll visit Prasat Kravan, and the ornate carvings of its Cardamom Sanctuary and Srah Srang Lake and its landing terrace.

Day 3:
After breakfast, a visit to the Roluos group of temples, the earliest of the structures of this vast civilisation, and its original capital, visiting Bakong, Preah Ko and Lolei Temples. Returning to Siem Reap, your time will be free until your driver arrives to take you to the airport for your flight to Phnom Penh and check-in at your hotel.

Day 4:
In the morning, you’ll be driven to visit the most notorious of the sites associated with ‘The Killing Fields’ starting with the S21 interrogation centre run by the Khmer Rouge, perversely situated in a former school, now known as the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, where routine torture was a filthy and ruthless prelude to execution at sites such as Cheong Ek, your next destination, where the hapless victims of the regime were compelled to dig the pits within which they would be buried after execution by brutally primitive means. One of over 20,000 sites of such horrific memory, true comprehension of this legacy is likely to be a harrowing experience.

After lunch, you’ll visit the surviving highlights of the city, previously known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’ before being entirely emptied of its evicted populous and almost wholly destroyed by the murderously insane regime. Much needed solace and a heartening testament to the profound resilience of the Cambodian people is found everywhere in the now thriving community of modern Phnom Penh. 

Day 5:
Today, you’ll be driven southward from the city to the panacea of the endless vista and sea air at Sihanoukville and its beaches, where you’ll check-in to your hotel.

Day 6:
Your time will be at leisure to enjoy your surroundings in your own style, perhaps venturing out to the sparkling light and warmth of the offshore islands such as Koh Rong for some high quality sunbathing, swimming, snorkelling and diving.

Day 7:
Another day free at leisure.

Day 8:
In the morning you’ll return to Phnom Penh and the airport for your onward or departure flight.