Sabah’s interior provides an unforgettable journey through a mountainous and copiously rich forested wonderland, and is one of nature’s truest and deepest treasures.


A UNESCO World Heritage site, Kinabalu Park surrounds the lofty peak of Gunung Kinabalu, and is one of the most ecologically diverse and precious places on earth, with some 1,500 species of orchid providing an intimation of the stunning abundance of plant and tree life within which roam many animals, some of which are very rare, such as the Clouded Leopard.

Among the animals you are more likely to encounter, are orang-utan, leaf monkeys, pangolin, tarsiers, gibbons, lizards, snakes, lemurs and flying squirrels. Within the park are 518 bird species, including several hornbills and exotic warblers. Among the vast array of exotic plant life is the World’s largest flower, Rafflesia.

With an uncountable number of insects, including many beautiful butterflies, some of which are very large, the Park provides a unique opportunity to deeply connect with this remarkable treasure-store of life on Earth.

Popular activities in Kinabalu Park include exploring its many trails, climbing Gunung Kinabalu, which will take two days, and visiting the hot springs at Poring, where you will also find a 140m (460 ft) canopy walkway and butterfly park.  


Close to Kinabalu Park, stretching westwards is the Crocker Range National Park and its Rafflesia Information Centre, dedicated to the famous flowers, which offers guided tours of the reserve area to exhibit wild examples.

At the furthest end of the Crocker Ridge, the area around Tenom is home to the Murut People (men of the hills) and their longhouses. This region is also often visited for its white-water activities in the dramatic Padas Gorge. Nearby are the Agricultural Research Station, and Tenom Orchid Centre, with its fine collection of orchids.


Further southeast, the Danum Valley is an important field research area for global scientists and naturalists, and visitors will also enjoy the thrill of the wonderful view over this ancient forest from the Canopy Walkway.