Inland, the town of Sibu is the gateway to Sarawak’s much sought-after upriver journeys along the jungled banks of the Rejang, Sarawak’s main water artery, which snakes through the heart of the Iban territory, abounding with their iconic tribal longhouses.  


A must for most travellers is a visit to one of the longhouses, to get an up-close insight into the contemporary and historical traditional lifestyle of the Iban peoples, the largest of Sarawak’s ethnic groups, and the renowned headhunters of a former age, with whom you can arrange a stay to share in their forest knowledge and now peaceable culture.

The upriver towns of Kapit and Belaga act as a bases for interior exploration, providing the last outposts of tourist accommodation in the area. The route to the latter necessitates a sojourn through the impressively mobile Pelagus Rapids.

Batang Ai National Park and Lanjak Entimau Wildlife Sanctuary are set far inland, to the south of Sibu and close to the Indonesian border, and are a haven for wild creatures such as orang-utan, leaf-monkeys gibbons and boar, as well as hundreds of bird species.