Close to the city of Phan Thiet, northeast of Saigon, lies the village of Mui Ne and its ten kilometre beach, one of Vietnam’s best mainland locations for a relaxing beach holiday, with plenty of high quality and luxury accommodation possibilities.


Mui Ne possesses the driest climate in Vietnam and surrounding attractions are sparce, with little to distract visitors from the serious business of sun-worshipping, making Mui Ne a perfect location for those wishing a peaceful and leisurely beach-break during a wider tour.

The Sea Links golf course and Mui Ne Sailing Club provide potential breaks from sunbathing. The area is also a popular windsurfing and kite surfing spot during the ‘winter’ months from August to April, when suitable winds gather momentum.

The quality of windsurfing here is internationally renowned, and often features in the international competition calendar.

One of Mui Ne’s most notable characteristic features is the remarkable and vast sand dunes. The Dunes cover two different areas, one of red sand and one of white, evoking Saharan fantasies for those venturing within. Close to the beach lies a small Champa ruin, Po Shana Tower.

A popular local walk can be found along the small canyon of the Fairy stream, while at the far end of Mui Ne's vast beach, Ke Ga lighthouse sits on a small islet and makes for a pleasant stroll along its rocky shoreline.

There aren't any islands directly offshore from Mui Ne, but a journey up the coast will bring you the small island of Cu Lao Cau, an unspoilt escape with good snorkling, or just for that feeling of remote freedom.