Before travelling to Myanmar, or indeed any destination, it is good practise to check the travel advice pages of your own government’s website for up to the minute advice on travel and especially for specific threats to your safety based on your nationality, gender, race, religion or sexual persuasion. 

Terrorism in Myanmar takes the form of local opposition to the government, which has led to a number of bombings in the recent past. Political reforms and ceasefire agreements have enabled greater stability internally in the country, but vigilance is always recommended.  

Whilst these attacks are domestically motivated and are not specifically targeted at foreigners, they have been situated in public spaces. In recent years, there has also been a high incidence of anti-Islamic violence by militant Buddhist groups. 

Earthquakes are fairly frequent in Myanmar, with tremors occurring several times a year, largely of low magnitude. However, as the country’s history shows, the potential for a major event does exist. Flooding has also been a periodic problem along the Ayeyarwady River and delta area.  

Cyclones are a potential threat along the coastal areas.  

Snakebites are very common in the country and care should be exercised when wandering off established tracks and trails. 

Tourist crime is relatively low in Myanmar and consists primarily of petty theft, but care should be exercised when carrying portable technology, handbags and luggage, purses, wallets and passports especially at busy tourist sites and markets. 

Be careful where you point your camera. Never photograph the police, military personnel and installations, or demonstrations, which you should in any case avoid and particularly never participate in. 

Never use illegal drugs. Penalties can be severe and include the use of the death penalty, which the authorities will not hesitate to use even on foreigners. 

Insulting religion is a prosecutable offence in Myanmar, which can also include depictions on T-shirts or tattoos. 

Homosexuality remains illegal in Myanmar, though prosecutions are rare. Nevertheless it is recommended to be very discreet and respectful of local traditional views for your own security.