There are a number of White-water rafting routes in Myanmar, the most exhilarating of which is the tumbling Himalayan Mayhka River, which features an often extreme series of V-VI grade rapids stretched out over 200 kilometre route which can take around 10 days to complete in full. 

The river is at its best during February and March and is situated in Kachin Province in the far north of the country, an area also highly suited to scenic and cultural trekking.

Another white-water route in Kachin, is the Nam Lang River, which offers ‘gentler’ class III-IV rapids and is suitable for all age groups, which takes a less time demanding two days of rafting and a day’s trek, while an even gentler ride on the Malikha River combines II and III grade rapids and relaxing calm stretches among forest scenery.

Also in Kachin Province, for the climbing enthusiast, there are four popular Himalayan climbing destinations, being Mount Phonekan (3,600 metres), Mount Pangram (4,655 metres), Mount Phonyin (4,560 metres) and Mount Hkakabo Razi (5,881 metres).

For the truly experienced specialist, Mount Hkakabo Razi, requires not only finely honed rock and ice skills but also additional visa documentation as the summit straddles the borders with China and India.  

Even if you don’t attempt the full climb, the natural beauty of the area is outstanding, and worth a visit for any relatively fit person. 

There are, as yet, few established rock climbing routes in Myanmar, but if you are in Mandalay, the nearby cliff at Waterfall Hill has 24 bolted routes up its 300 metre face.