The austere isolationist years that followed Burma’s independence, through its name change and inner political struggle, has paradoxically had a positive consequence for the visitor, preserving the authenticity of its profound cultural identity and landscape well beyond that of its neighbours.

Having opened its doors to the world, the fast food giants and huge commercial enterprises will inevitably grab a foothold in this remarkable land, but for the present, the visitor can explore this great culture, with enough infrastructure to allow for a comfortable, even luxurious stay, yet with the essence of that culture remaining very well preserved and genuinely vibrant, these precious years of transformation are undoubtedly the time to visit.

Myanmar has great riches to share, from the colonial era capital of Yangon (Rangoon) and the awe inspiring contrast of its ancient city of Bagan, a splendrous and timeless scattering of ancient temples on the plain of the same name, and on, through the shifting classic capitals of its middle years, the remarkable light of this country suffuses its countless beautiful monuments with a deep evocative charm that lifts the traveller beyond all past experience.

The glittering golden pagoda spires are the cultural signature of the country and, along with its charming peoples, will leave an unforgettable dreamlike recurrence of memory within your soul.

One of the best ways to see the country, or augment a land based sojourn, is via a cruise of the Ayeyarwady (Irrawaddy) River. With a variety of options from a full cruise of the river to shorter journeys around the root historic areas of Bagan and Mandalay.

Away from the great cities, visitors can explore the calm and delightful waterborne culture of Lake Inle, with its floating gardens and ethic colour, the remote Shan Mountains and the ancient practice of Nat worship around the remarkable Mount Popa.

For oceanic relaxation, spend time at Ngapali Beach, or explore the magnificent magical waters of the virtually untouched Myeik Archipelago and its eight hundred beautiful islands, a snorkelling and diving paradise, likely, in years to come, to metamorphose into one of the world’s most amazing beach holiday locations.